A neat mall, Shinpukan in Kyoto

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Sep 29, 2011 05:14
I went to the neat mall, Shinpukan this afternoon. The weather was very nice. It was not too hot and not too cool. I like Starbucks. However I selected its open garden place because it was much more comfortable place to stay in a good weather.(I am not able to find a suitable word. オープンテラス like pictures ) This choice was completely succeeded.

I parked my Mama Bicycle at the parking area, where we are able to park it for free within two hours. I asked a man to take a picture of mine.(Ah, I may have mistaken this phrase.) The man was somehow cool with his cool Mama Bicycle.

I took over 20 pictures. So I will publish this entry with the pictures on my bicycle blog later.

There were many people in the garden place who took their lunch meal or drink. The mall is based on an old building and stared at 2001. The building was owned by Nippon Telephone and Telegram company. The building was constructed as a main station of the company to start to operate its old and traditional telephone business in 1926. So this old fashioned building was registered as an cultutral tangible treasury building in 1983. Now there are about 30 of selected fashion shops and restaurants. Anyway, I enjoyed myself under the fine autumn blue sky. I should be thankful.