Norinsaikuru (Community Cycle in Hiroshima)

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Sep 28, 2011 05:25
There is a Community Cycle at Hiroshima city which is called Norinsaikuru.

Ah, I briefly wrote down this entry in Japanese again today. So the Japanese sentences are natural Japanese or prepared as a supplement to understand my English sentences.

This community cycle is also the trial activity for a certain period as promoted at Yokohama city.

Norincaikuru is named from Notteminsai which is a regional word in Hiroshima.

It means that Why not ride it!

I am not able to remember the word which represents 方言 so I typed " a regional word"...
方言がわからず a regional word と書きました。。。

The rental fee is also charged by credit card, IC card, and mobile phone which has an application of an electric wallet.

It seems that the mobile phone is expected to help the trial activity to expand.

By the way if you don't have any mobile phone or IC card which is available there you are able to apply for the special IC card for 500 yen.

You can register the membership on internet and you need to go to the official shop to validate your mobile phone or IC card.

You can select the best fee which is prepared in variety.

1000 yen per month is for a daily commuter. 500 yen for three days may be better for a tourist. If you pay for there fees in advance you are able to ride it everytime for free within 30 minute ride.

If not you will pay 100yen per 30 minutes.

The fee was renewed better because the users complained its unreasonableness. May the community cycle be succeed in much used. That's all for today.
最近料金が不満の声を反映して改定されたようです さあ、結果はどうなるでしょう では