Short trip to Nagahama ①

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Sep 25, 2011 07:02
I am at parent's home town of Nagahama City (without my daughters and wife.)

I seem to be refreshing myself here alone.

You seem to not understand what I mean to say. I will write about this short trip and my emotional feeling.

As you may know I have been living in Kyoto for my job for over fifteen years, which seem to be long time. On the other hand, to tell the truth, I love Nagahama, my parent's home town, where I was born. This is a special place for me although there is not so sophisticated or attractive things as there are in Kyoto. It really doesn't matter for me.

We are having three holidays in Japan. I had to attend the wedding party of my both colleagues and I also had an appointment at Osaka. On the other hand my wife was not able to came back to her parent's home town this summer. This is why our family are separately staying at another place.

I will introduce a bit about Nagahama now. As you might have heard of a recent famous NHK drama "Gou himetachinosengoku" the NHK's popular TV program was based mainly on Nagahama. So this drama helps many tourists to go to Nagahama. I found more tourists coming Nagahama around some streets. I picked up some pictures of them.
今の長浜をすこしご紹介しましょう。ご存知かもしれませんが、NHKの大河ドラマ 江〜姫たちの戦国〜 が有名です。このドラマは長浜ゆかりの話です。なので観光客を後押ししています。通りには、多くの観光客がいました。いくつか写真を載せます。

To be continue. つづけますね