A series of Japanese Tea Road 

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Sep 24, 2011 07:16
I would like to write a series of Japanese Tea Road. This is the latest entry about that. http://lang-8.com/166338/journals/1107750

( I feel turning around maybe because of much drink yesterday.:)

Ah, about the old Mama Bicycle which I saw on the road.

This bicycle was the prototype of Mama Bicycle. The front basket for child was a steel mesh made. I remember a Mama Bicycle which I first road with my oldest daughter in Tokyo over five years ago.

これです Here is the former ride.

It may be a subtle matter for almost everybody but I think this family friendly bicycles will be helpful to any family who is able to ride it in their town.

It will never ask You any additional fares like car insurance, annual car maintenance fee, petrochemical fare, bus or subway fare.

Usually you will only have to pay punk maintenance cost over five years only if you will ride it normally.

... I will go on a jog from now on. That's all for Today.
じゃあこれから走りに行きます きょうはこれくらいで。