A nice bridal

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Sep 23, 2011 17:46
I took part in a bridal of my colleges. The couples are both of my colleges .
I hope that they will be happy.
This month there were several ceremonies like the bridals and the funeral. We call these ceremonies 冠婚葬祭 in Japanese.
What do you call the mame in your countries.
Ah, the bridal was held at a beautiful hotel at the Kyoto Station. The hotel is also easy to access.
By the way, I heard that many young people are hesitating to get married before being late twenties.
There may be many reasons for them. However it may be important to get marriage and to have children.I think it is more important than any learning.
I was unintentionally moved to tears maybe because of her final speach to her parents. She said to them that she really appreciated their long kindness to her. I will cry in the future.

I have written this entry by my mobile phone while seating at the ceremony. I am just dropping at wy apparent to bring some luggage. I am about to go to the second ceremony, what we call 二次会. Thank you for reading.