Where were we ? :)   

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Sep 23, 2011 06:28
I will try to upload this entry both on this entry and on my bicycle blog today.

Here is the link to my bicycle blog http://mamabicycle.blogspot.com/

Where were we? ( ← This title is too short but all words are somewhat similar so I will use them)
僕らはど~こだ (←ちょっと短すぎますが、3文字ともどことなく似てるのでこれにします)

【Pictures and captions】

Let's get started.

Urm, where are we going?

There are very few cars, right?

Ah, I am watching a car running toward us.

Eh, I can find a building which I seem to go before.

I got it. This is YMCA, where my older daughter is coming.
わかった、YMCAや おねえちゃん来てるとこや

There are many bicycles which others also are parking to come here.

Good job Ma-chan. Are you able to swim well today. Yes. Ah, tasty, this hot chocolate.
おつかれさんマーちゃん ちゃんと泳げた うん あーおいしいこのココア

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