American Emperor, Joshua Norton ( A VOA review)

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Sep 20, 2011 20:11

Luckily I have enough time to write an entry here tonight. So I want to write about a interesting topic from VOA podcast briefly and I would like to ask one grammar question too.

Joshua Norton was an unique, one of the most unique persons of all the persons in America. He seemed to be an American Emperor. Of course I(and almost all people) know that America has a president who is to be elected by all civilians in the country.

He was a rich man in other country. He went across the sea to America to earn his money. But unfortunately he lost his all money. So he became insane and he seemed to get to live between the real and the image.

Then he declared himself an American Emperor. He had no money to live. But he was able to eat and live on because he was recognized as an emperor by citizens at the west coast. I think he was really insane but he was not violent and honest so everyone didn't hate him.

I will end up the summery of the men here. I will ask you about the use of "only". Please read the following sentences copied from VOA webpage.

"Joshua Norton no longer was the same man. Most of his friends believed the shock of losing all his money had taken away his ability to reason and to live in the real world. Poor Joshua Norton was not dangerous or violent, but he no longer knew what was real and what was only imaginary."

I will translate the last part. ジョシュアノートンは危険で暴力を働く人ではなかった、ただ、彼はもはや現実と幻想の区別がつかなかった。

I think this translation is natural enough. If so I am not able to translate "only" into any Japanese. I guess this only is a kind of stress of imaginary. So please explain the word in grammar. Thank you.

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