Some front baskets and tough frame

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Sep 19, 2011 06:58
I will write about front basket and main frame of Mama Bicycles. この日記はちょっとマニアックです
Mama bicycleの前かごと、メインフレームのことを書きます。The entry may be a bit special for a certain purpose.

First I will pick up white and red bicycles. The white Mama Bicycle was parked in front of a porch of an apartment. The basket was replaced from a child seat to a basket for luggage according to child’s growth. Then I will show you a red one, which was parked at Kyoto Imperial Palace. It is the same type of the white one. However the red one’s front basket is a child seat.

These Mama Bicycles have their labels on its main frame. There are the same names, kon’s cycle. The name is one of bike shops in Kyoto.
I will show you the green one. This is also the same type of the red and white.
To tell the truth, the series of this Mama bicycle were originally made by Sogo Cicycle.
これらのまま自転車はメインフレームに同じラベルがあります。おなじ名前で、kon’s cycleとあります。その名は京都の自転車やのひとつです。

These frames are designed very tough. This is because its toughness is very helpful to be stable while a mother or father rides it with a child. I wrote about the necessity of the tough frame on other entries of my bicycle blog.

Today I wanted to introduce some aspects of Mama Bicycle. Thank you for reading.