My lost mobile.

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Sep 18, 2011 21:10
I am disappointed. Today I lost my mobile when I get off a train. It was a short trip to my parent's home town with my family. I noticed that I didn't carry the mobile phone on my right pocket. I was upset. But I contacted the station staff and I explained that I lost my mobile on the train. He told me that the train would come back the station in one hour and he told the train clue to search my mobile.
I hurried to the station after my family went to my parent's home. I asked the station staff to confirm whether my mobile was found or not. He told me that it was not found.
I could not give up searching it. So I tried to find it by myself. The station staff allowed me to search my mobile in the train which would come to the station.
I waited the train. And I tried to call my mobile by another mobile phone at the station.
Suddenly I was able to contact my mobile. Someone answered me. I was very happy. I asked where he was. He told me that he was near the station.
I tole him that I would run to you quickly. I hurried. Then I called again.
But I was never able to catch him. I waited there for one hour. But nobody appeared.
Today I was disappointed mainly because I have to do certain bothering procedure this week.
I learned any regret will never help me. They will make no sense. I have to see only the future.