Ride to a department store, Daimaru

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Sep 18, 2011 07:30

In the evening I asked my oldest daughter “ Where do you want to go from now? It’s is already evening. So we can’t go so far”. She wondered and replied to me “Daimaru!”.
Daimaru is a department store. It is really near place, where we were easily able to go that time (before dinner).

So we rode my Mama Bicycle to Daimaru, the department store.
At the parking lot there were full of bikes to go shopping. A billboard “満車(Not available)“ was shown. However it took five minutes to wait to find a room to stop my bicycle there.
There were many bikes including Mama Bicycles.

After parking we walked to the department store. It took three minutes walk. In front of the department store varieties of bikes were sold. There were also Bobike mini front baskets.

As soon as we entered the department store my daughters rushed to their favorite floor. They were addicted to a card game for girls. Precisely like a card game. She has been correcting “hearts”, by which she is able to chose clothes on the screen of the dancing game.
After the game for half an hour we strolled in the department store to buy some of ingredients for dinner and went back home.