Bird watchers’ watching :)

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Sep 16, 2011 04:28
It was around 8:00AM. ( It was a bit later as usual morning. ) I was jogging at the Kyoto Imperial Palace returning from Shimogamo Shrine. The jogging course was a path in the forest. I came across some bicycles parked along the narrow path. I looked around and noticed that the bike owners were watching birds flying in the forest. They were standing at the same area and keep holding their cameras.

They were all old men. They were at least much older than me. I guessed that was why they rode their electric bikes. In fact these parked bikes were all electric ones. Such electric bikes are helpful to assist those who are not young or don’t have enough power to pedal while carrying heavy luggage. If not (old) they might be all friends which had same interest like bird-watching.

Interestingly when I took some of their pictures I was like a bird watcher’s wacher;) If they felt such it might be impolite to them. So I also took only one picture of trees like a bird watcher. 
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