Karaoke 🎤

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Apr 30, 2017 21:12
Here is the link to my blog : http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2017/04/karaoke.html

Caption: Two of my daughters were ready for cycling to karaoke.

My eldest daughter is 13 years old and she often goes everywhere with her freiends recently, but she joined us to go to karaoke last Saturday.  

Well, I wore a mask to protect pollen. I have been suffering from pollen allergies for two months. I need to wear it by the middle half of May. It's annoying.    

We cycled along Takoyakushi Street from west to east. We went to Kawaramachi in Kyoto. 

I remember that they loved to sing songs from Frozen. It was a very impressive memory. They sang many songs. Songs from Detective Conan, Koi, and a sonf from Shingeki no Kyojin. It was fun.