Today is the last day in 2014.

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Dec 31, 2014 17:09
Today is the last day in 2014. My family and I am visiting my parent's home to celebrate the end of the year and the coming new year. However, I will finish posting about Mama Bicycle thing in Kyoto. I chose some photos which I took my daughters to our usual cafe Veloce. My younger daughter looked a bit annoyed when she sat in the rear child seat in our apartment bike parking lot. But, actually, she a bit pretended to be annoyed at that moment :)

Here are some photos:

We biked along Takoyakushi Street, where new bike lanes were newly painted last week.

My elder daughter followed us to the cafe.

We said Itadakimasu when we started having breakfast at the cafe. They didn't smile at the moment. However, they didn't actually feel specially bad...

Again, my younger daughter wasn't angry although she looked angry in the last photo. Hehe, this was my last post in 2014. Thank you for reading Mama Bicycle posts this year. Happy New Year for all