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Dec 31, 2018 08:23


2018年12月7日に発売された『スマブラsp』は「かって登場したファイターが、まさかの全・員・参・戦」というキャッチフレーズがあります。いろんなゲームのキャラクターが出て、対戦させることができます。マリオ対ピカチュー。ストリートファイターのリュウ対メタルギアのスネーク。ドリームマッチが始まります。登場しているファイターは70体を超えて、さらにDLCで発売される予定です。アメリカでは、このゲームは「Super Smash Bros. Ultimate」と言います。つまり、究極のスマブラです!ステージ数は、103種類。楽曲は、900曲以上。一通り揃っています!

ご存知ではないかもしれませんが、スマブラ は他の格闘ゲームと違って、目標は相手の体力を激減することではなく、ステージの外へふっとばせることです。なんだか空手よりはむしろ相撲みたいなゲームです。攻撃でダメージをためて、ダメージがとまる程ふっとびます。相手の蓄積ダメージをあげて、吹っ飛ばせます。






この投稿がなかなか長くなりましたね。ごめんなさい。今日はここで終わりにします。後で『スマブラ sp』の面白い「スピリッツ」について書いてこのレビューを片付けます。読んでいただいて、ありがとうございます。

“Today, we’ll settle it!”

Hello everyone. These days I’ve been playing “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” and now I’d like to write a review. I played this game in Japanese so I think writing in Japanese is appropriate. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Smash Ultimate was released on Dec.7 and has the tag line, “everyone is here”. You can make characters from various games duke it out in this game. Mario vs Pikachu, Street Fighter’s Ryu vs Solid Snake— It’s dream match. The roster surpasses 70 characters and more are planed to be sold as DLC. In America, this game is called “Ultimate”, with means it’s the upmost Smash Bros. game. 103 stage. Over 900 music tracks. It has everything from A to Z!

If you don’t know, Smash Bros. is different from most fighting games in that the goal is not to deplete your opponent’s HP bar, but instead to send them flying from the stage. Think sumo wrestling over a karate match. Rack up damage with your attacks and they’re fly further the more damage ther’ve accumulated. So raise their damage and send them flying!

Smash Ultimate has a lot of modes. Before writing this review I wanted to make sure I completed everything.

•In “Smash” you can battle with a variety of rules and settings. You use this mode to battle with your friends. You can even hold team battles or tournaments!

•In “Classic” mode, you face a variety of consecutive battles. For example in Princess Peache’s Classic battle, it’s called “graduation from damsel”, you get revenge on her old kidnappers.

•In “Multi-Smash” mode you fight numerous opponents at once. In “100-man smash” you try to defeat 100 randomly made Mii Fighter opponents. “All-Star” is similar to the last mode mentioned, but you fight the main cast instead of Miis. Lastly there’s “Cruel Smash”. It’s too hard for me. You fight frightening opponents in this death match! I couldn’t beat more than 3 people. You’ll be KOed in 1-hit.

•In “Training Mode” you can practice how to use moves and combos.

I’m sorry this post has gotten rather long. I’ll end it here for today and pick it up later. Next I'll talk about the interesting “Spirits” mode and finish up this review. Thank you so much for reading.

By the way, I've written an English version down below.

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