Questions about Some Sentences #3

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Jan 3, 2018 10:23
I have some questions about the following sentences.
I hope you can help me with them.
Thank you very much for taking your time to answer them!

1. Taking medicine seems in vain. (Can I omit “in” in the sentence?)

2. The possibility of her writing entries here again is low. (Is this sentence correct? Can I use “possibility” to express “可能性”?)

3. It's very amazing that a friend I haven't met in real life can regularly communicate with me for such a long time. (Can I use “haven’t met” or it must be “hadn’t met”?)
一个我还没见过的朋友,能在这么长的时间里,有规律地跟我聊天是很神奇的事。(在这句话中,我可以用“haven’t met”吗,还是我必须要用“hadn’t met”?)

4.Whenever I complain about my English, she always tells me that she'll always be there to support me, which is a hard promise to keep. (Can I omit “will” in the sentence?)

To be continued...
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