Domestic chores

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Oct 14, 2018 13:58 laundry vacuuming chores english
After a light breakfast I cleaned up the table and wiped off on the table and tidy up some stuff where it used to place then I watched news on the internet. It related that fact that dirty washing machines breed germs so although I usually dislike cleaning, I did so after watching the program. I was about to do the laundry. I was supposed to do the laundry yesterday but I had a day off because I was to be lazy so now the laundry already has piled up therefore I need to do laundry first and going to vacuum my rooms while doing laundry. When I’m done the last thing I did dishes. I usually listen to music while I’m doing dishes. I listen to the music which is title of the song “Rumer” by Alfie. It sounds like very peaceful and good mood. The day it was brilliantly sunny.
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