Types of Friends

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Oct 16, 2017 07:11
Friends we have in our life can be invited into three types. First there is friend that encourage each other in various scenes. For example, co-worker at job, friends who study together at college, and teammates in sports team. In this relationship, people can improve themselves through competition or their common purpose.
Second is playmate that people enjoy the same thing together such as similar interests and mutual hobbies. Friends who just hanging out with also belong to this category. Most people have this kind of friends the most. Playmate is easy to make but also it is easily broken when people lose the things they share or time to spend.
On the other hand, last category of friends, close friend is unbreakable although it is difficult to find and build relationship. This sort of friends always be by one’s side when people need and cheer up whatever happened. Therefor people can talk anything to them and respect each other. Close friend is the most important and necessary friend in our life.
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