Beware of perverts.

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Mar 13, 2018 22:27
Some English words seem risky to use. I guess all languages have words that will cause you trouble if you use them the wrong way. Of course, we have some in Japanese. By the way, lately I've had a lot of topics I want to talk about. Actually, I was going to write about dog commands or the ratio of fault in bike accidents , but I'm not up for those today. Maybe next time!

Recently, I read some English articles about slang. They were pretty funny to read. That's what I thought, but some English words are confusing and they will cause problems if I use them the wrong way. Like, for example, cream puff and cream pie. Well, I have to say sorry in advance, because today's post is kind of dirty minded. If I say I love cream pie by mistake, I'll seem like a pervert, right? Of course, I mean a pastry filled with fresh cream, a cream puff.

There's another, more risky word. Do you know what we call Pokemon in Japanese? The Japanese full title is "Pocket Monster". Recently I learned that's a nasty expression. In Japan, we would never associate "Pocket Monster" with that thing. When we hear "Pocket Monster", we picture small, pocket-sized creatures. Pikachu in a Poke Ball is pocket-sized, right? So please don't get the wrong idea from Japanese people saying, "I love playing Pocket Monster!".

Also, I thought the phrase, "have a ball" was a dirty expression until recently.



もっと危険な英単語があります。ポケモンの事を日本人を何て言ってるか知ってますか?日本語のタイトルは、ポケットモンスターです。最近ポケットモンスターが卑猥な言葉だって知りました。日本人は、ポケットモンスターとアレを関連ずけないです。ポケットモンスターって聞いて思い浮かべるのは、ポケットサイズの小さな生き物(モンスター)ってことです。だってモンスターボール(Poke Ball)の中のピカチュウはポケットサイズでしょ?だからね、ポケットモンスターをプレイする大好きって言ってる日本人を嫌いにならないで下さい。

あと、最近までHave a ballってイヤらしい表現だと思ってました。