Japanese Culture Part 1

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Jul 20, 2016 22:42
Japanese Culture Part 1
I'll introduce Japanese culture for a while.
I'm glad that you are interested in even a little it.
Maybe as you know,we prefer sympathizer to insister.
Teachers want us not to allege ourselves so much.
That's why the Japanese tend to be shy.
Why do teachers like that?
Japanese culture respects what we call 'the spirit of considerate'.
It means, we recognize that it is important to care about the other people.
Also, we have this word 'read atmosphere'
For example,when we talk with co-workers as a conference around 12:00pm, the chairman doesn't say let's take a break.
Apparently, we know the co-workers are hungry (because around 12:00pm) ,so the chairman couldn't read atmosphere.
I think it has something to do with the education.
We'll come to need that when we work and live with Japanese.
It's like a side effect why we are shy.