The difference between Japanese and Australian

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Jul 19, 2016 22:14
The difference between Japanese and Australian
I've been living in Sydney for 2 months.
I'll write the difference , I realized, between and Japanese and Australian.
Firstly,prices are more expensive, in the case of Sydney...
Especially Japanese restaurant is so expensive!
i'm sad... oh, It's not like a difference.
I think the situation of working is much different.
In a word, it's lazy.(sry Australian)
It takes a long time to do anything.
For example, when I paid for my landlord on the internet,it tok 2days for transport.
Its no possible in Japan.
It has something to with working form.
In general,Japanese have to work from 8:30 to 21:00.
Australia is shorter, I think.
However,when I come to work,it's better.
I like Australian working form even if i had to wait for long time.
If I look for the job,I want to get a good job:otherwise i work as if slave.
It's the best way. I don't have to wait and I can come home early.