In some advanced nations, for example, UK, it becomes more and more...

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Feb 23, 2017 20:33
In some advanced nations, for example, UK, it becomes more and more popular to work just for a few months and spend the rest of the year in what is liked to do. However, Discussion canters on whether doing this brings more positive than negative influence to people lives. I agree that it brings more good than harm.

Firstly, pursuing happiness is an essential purpose for most of human beings who are living in the world. While there might be some other ways of being happiness such making more money, getting promoted and becoming famous, it is no denying that doing what ones want to do is an excellent way for the pursuit of happiness. So this kind of lifestyle is positive.

Secondly, working for a few months makes this kind of pursuing happiness more practical. As a good means of earning money, temporary jobs are an important source of income, which makes it possible for ones to do what they are eager to do such as travel the world or do their own businesses as those things necessitate a certain amount of money. Without the money from temporary jobs, they might suffer form poverty, not mention to chase their dreams.

Some people, on the other hand, would argue that the lifestyle would make landing jobs become more and more difficult. Of course, some people who adopt this way of living would be likely to be rejected by many employers as loyalty is a very important quality of employees. But, it is easy for ones to hunt another decent job as long as they keep improving their employability and adaptability.

In summary, the advantage of the lifestyle mentioned above outweighs its disadvantage. Meanwhile, the ones who adopt this lifestyle should not ignore the importance of employability. By doing so, they have more chances to continue this lifestyle, pursuing happiness.