Why Separate Schools? (Part Two)

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Mar 6, 2017 19:22
The second reason why I advocate my point of view is that boys and girls should learn how to solve the problems with each other. They should experience cooperating with opposite sex. Every man needs to marry with a woman one day. Therefore, men should know how to treat with women. As they need to have a relationship before marriage to know each other well, in school they need to interact with each other. For example, we should give them an opportunity to prepare a newspaper for the school with each other. In team work, they will be more familiar with the details of their personality. They should know how to gather the required information for publishing a newspaper because has a kind of ability in this task. Girls know how to briefly take notes from interviews and how to summarize them in an article. Such experiences help them prepare themselves for their future jobs.
In consequence, I think separating boys and girls from each other is not a good idea. They should interact with each other to know the opposite sex.