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Since I entered an elementary school at the age of 6, I, as a student, have been studying for more than 15 years. During this period, I have been influenced by a variety of teachers, which created my point of view in “quality of a teacher.” In this letter of self introduction, I would like to focus on my thoughts about my goals as a teacher at the start of the TESOL program, referring to some of the most influential teachers for me and how they influenced my ideal image of a teacher. I believe that an ideal teacher 1) can facilitate students’ studying and 2) can give student-centered classes.

Firstly, I believe that being able to teach students an easy, simple way of studying is an important characteristic of a teacher. This might seem obvious, but I believe only a limited number of teachers can actually do this. Let me give an English teacher in my high school as an example of a good facilitator. He taught us a vocabulary word with its origin, although in Japanese traditional ways, students memorize English words and phrases just with their translation. For example, he taught us that the word “destine” consists of “de,” which means “under,” and “stine,” which means “stand,” and “destine” means that someone is under the control of God. Reference to words’ origin like this dramatically facilitated our memorization process. I think teachers should be able to provide an efficient way of studying like this because, as a matter of fact, most of the students do not know how to study effectively, which sometimes makes them suffer and dislike studying.

I believe that being able to give student-centered classes is an important characteristic of a teacher as well. If teachers control students too much and force them to listen to the teacher during the entire lesson, students will doubtlessly get bored. Also, students will be accustomed to being taught everything and won’t learn to study by themselves. My teachers in IEP classes had student-centered classes, where I had a lot of opportunities to talk and use the language. Thanks to this, the skills I learned there became authentic knowledge that I can utilize. These experiences in the IEP program made me think that a student-centered class is essential to teaching a language.

Next, given that these stated above are the characteristics of my ideal teacher, the question is what are my goals for the TESOL program. First of all, I would like to learn and consider more about “the quality of a teacher” through interaction with the experienced instructors and my classmates from various countries, who also desire to be a teacher. It is very likely that my ideal image of a teacher changes by listening to other people’s opinions. Secondly, I aspire to know about theories, techniques, and management skills for a student-centered class through methodology classes and observations. Since I have studied only under teacher-centered classes, I have no idea about these.
In Conclusion, I have an aspiration for being a teacher who can 1) facilitate students’ studying and 2) have student-centered classes. In this TESOL program, I will discuss the definition of quality of a teacher with my instructors and classmates and learn theories and techniques for successful classes.