I haven't been in Lang-8 for almost 2 years.

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Oct 11, 2016 12:34 life work lifestyle dream
I haven't been in Lang-8 for almost 2 years. I'm glad I still remember to check in here.

Within these 2 years I have changed my life style. I take English online courses everyday, 25 minutes per day. I go to the gym every other day. I raise 3 cats, 2 parrots and tropical fishes. Even I tried going hiking which I haven't got any desire to do before.

I feel my life is full. For all of these, I should thank my company. This company grants me more free time which allows me to think more about my life. Though my dream is to operate my own pet shop or cafe or cafe with pets, I have to love my job now, since it makes me better and basically lets me make a living.

What about you? How is your life? Most importantly what is the trend of your life, towards better or not? I assume it could be fun to exchange our thought about our lives with strangers here. I hope all you guys happy.