Scuba Diving 3

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Jun 13, 2017 12:29
Scuba Diving 3

I have a presentation, so please help me.

Next, I'm going to talk about how to get open water diver license.

First, we have to read thick textbook and take test. But don't worry. It's multiple choice and not so difficult. Everyone can pass this test.
Next, we practice in a pool. We learn how to use equipment, how to dive deeply and emergency management. It's easy because there is no wave.
Finally, we practice in open water. It is difficult to keep body balance because of the wave. But we can practice with watching beautiful fish.

What equipment do we use? we usually wear wet suit or dry suit. This is wet suit. We wear wet suit to protect our body. Wet suit easily lets water through, so we get wet when we wear this.
This is dry suit. Dry suit shut out water and keep our body warm. So we wear this in winter.
BCD is stuff to control floating power. Also, we carry O2 tank strap it with BCD. Regulator is important to breathe under the water, If it get broken, we use alternative source.