I Like Arranging an Itinerary

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Oct 20, 2017 20:24
I Like Arranging an Itinerary
I am recently busy for arranging two Itineraries of visiting Taiwan for foreign quests in October and November. Though it is a bit tiring searching information and contacting with others, I do like this kind of work. The reason is because that it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. Besiades, without the kind helps from many people, it is impossible to finish any itnerary.
The main purpose for the guests is to institutions and groups relevant to visual arts and performance arts. My goal is not only to introduce them the arts in Taiwan, but also let the foreigners know more about the arts in Taiwan and falling in love with Taiwanese culture.
Personally, these are dream itineraries, and I really want to go with them. If I could participate on the trips, I definitely could learn many things and am infatuated with the beauty of Taiwanese culture.