Questions about Reading “Emma”1

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Sep 12, 2016 16:26
Questions about Reading “Emma”1
Frank Churchill asked Emma to find a wife for him. Emma undertook the commission. “Emma was in no danger of forgetting.” “It was a commission to touch every favorite feeling.” (page 350)
I do not understand the two sentences. Does the author means that Emma is not afraid of forgetting introducing a wife for Frank Churchill? And what does “touch every favorite feeling”? Does it mean that Emma thinks it is happy commission?

Ps. My Chinese translation must be very strange, since I do not know the original meanings in English.

Emma By Jane Austen
弗蘭克•邱吉爾讓愛瑪幫忙找老婆。愛瑪皆下這個委託。書中寫道「愛瑪遺忘的危險」,「這是令人感到喜愛的委託」。我不明白這兩句話。作者是說艾瑪不怕忘記介紹老婆給弗蘭克•邱吉爾嗎?還有什麼是「touch every favorite feeling」,這是說愛瑪覺得這是件令人開心的委託嗎?