Sentences I struggle to say in English (16)

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Nov 22, 2017 17:58
Sentences I struggle to say in English (16)
1. Our work becomes busier near the end of the year. Today I also have a busy day.
2. Because he just comes to this department, he is not familiar with these jobs. Please give him a favor.
3. He always shows indifferent attitude every time when handing over work to him. So I don’t feel happy working with him.
4. After the colleague’s transfer, it is not fair that assign all work to one person.
1. 接近年末,工作越來越忙。今天也度過了手忙腳亂的一天。
2. 他剛到這個部門,還沒有很熟悉這個工作,稍為幫他點忙吧!
3. 每以次交待他工昨時,總是態度冷淡,只要想到和他一起工作就不開心。
4. 同事調職以後,全部的工作都只轉交給一個人實在不公平。