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Oct 8, 2017 03:56
Today’s Records
1. I read a piece of news about Kazuo Ishiguro when I was doing language exchanging. There is a Japanese sentence I did not understand “私たちが世界とつながっている幻想に隠されている闇を明らかにした”. My partner explained elaborately to me. Here is my understanding. The author reveal the dark side in our fantasy that we connect each other in this world. After reading this news, I become more interested with the novel and movie “The Remains of The Day”.
2. I ate Xinjiang dishes with my friend. And we went to Taipei Nuit Blanche at National Taiwan University. To let city citizens approach to arts and their city, this cultural event learns from Nuit Blanche in Paris. The three main features: “overnight”, “free”, and “public participation”. We just looked around. And one of my friend was accosted by a stranger.
1. 今天語言交換的時候,看了石黑一雄的新聞。其中有一句「展示了我們對世界人與人相互連結幻想的陰暗面」這句日文看不大懂。朋友很仔細跟我說明。這是我的理解:世界人與人相互連結是幻想。陰暗面是世界上人與人並沒有互相連結的現實。作者將隱藏在世界互相連結幻想中的陰暗面揭露出來。看完這則新聞後,我對「長日將盡」這本小說很感興趣。
2. 晚上,和朋友一起去吃新疆料理。去看了台灣大學的白晝之夜,這是學習巴黎的文化祭典,主要是為了使市民更加親近藝術和都市。白晝之夜有三大特點:「跨夜舉辦」、「免費參加」及「公民參與」。我們只是走馬看花。然後我朋友被陌生人搭訕了。
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