A Ghost Story

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Jun 8, 2017 18:09
A Ghost Story
Yesterday, my colleague told me a ghost story that happened on her when she traveled to Thailand in May. She said that her friend’s mobile phone played music automatically when they were sleeping at midnight. At that time, my colleague was awaked by the music. She didn’t think too much and turned it off. The next day, my friend started to feel sick. After they went back to the hotel, her friend lay on the phubbing her mobile phone. She found that there were many black photo and black screens which were taken. She played one of them, and heard someone was speaking. And they were shot at the time when they were sleeping.
They were all scared and asked to change to another room. Finally her friend decided to change to a different hotel. So they moved to a five star hotel on the next day. Besides that, she said that she had a good time on this trip. I was scared because I will have a business trip to Thailand in July. I hope I can have a safe and happy journey.