The Courage of being dislike?

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Dec 24, 2018 18:48
The Courage of being dislike? (1)
There is a female guard who works for many years even more than anyone in our office. So her work attitude is not active. Even when we are very busy, she does not give a favor. Since she is quite senior, she is very picky to trivial things. For example, when I just came to this office, she asked me to urge cleaning staff who she thought did not clean well enough many times. And she asked my colleague to tell me the same thing. It was not my job and I had to be busy for other things not picking on the cleaning staff. Finally, I told her if she was really care it, she could respond by herself. She might be unhappy about me for not listening to her suggestions. I found that almost my colleagues quite listened to her. I’d heard that they had good relationship privately.
After that, some other things happened. I know she was unhappy about me and gossiped behind me. However, I thought that this behavior was too boring and did not want to pay too much attention to it. Today, she seemed to ask me to take care of counter during lunch time, and I didn’t accept it. Because I thought that’s her responsibility and if she did need help, she should communicate with me rather assign this to me.
我們辦公室有位工作很多年很資深的女警衛,比我們每一個人都 還資深。所以她的工作態度不是很積極,即使我們很忙碌的時候,她也不會幫忙。因為她很資深,所以她會對很多小事很挑剔。比如說當我剛來這個辦公室時,她就一直要求我要叮嚀清潔人員要掃乾淨。然後也讓我的同事來跟我說同樣的事情。這並不是我的工作,而且我還有很多事情要忙而不是一直去挑清潔人員的毛病。最後我告訴她如果她介意,可以自己去反應不要透過我。所以她大概很不高興我沒有聽從她的意見。我發現我同事都很聽她的話,我也聽說他們私底下的關係很好。