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Jun 21, 2019 08:58 English 中文

Now, this poem has appealed to science fiction writers. It's furnished at least three science fiction titles, I think because it says poems can bring us news from the future or the past or across the world, because their patterns can seem to tell you what's in somebody's heart. It says poems can bring people together temporarily, which I think is true, and it sticks in my head not just because it rhymes but for how it rhymes, cleanly and simply on the two and four, "say" and "way," with anticipatory hints on the one and three, "answer" and "quarters," as if the poem itself were coming together.

這首詩迷住了 許多科幻小說家。 這首詩被用於至少 三部科幻小說的標題裡, 我想是因為這首詩點出: 詩總是能帶給我們一些信息, 無論是從未來或是過去, 甚至是從世界各方, 因為它的文體似乎能告訴你, 某人心中想些什麼。 詩能短暫的將人們凝聚在一起, 我想確實是如此。 而這首詩會留在我腦海,不只是因為它押韻, 而是它押韻的方式, 簡單扼要的在第二行、第四行 押"say" 和 "way" 並在第一及第三行預留線索, 也就是"answer" 和 "quarters" 這首詩好像是渾然天成的。