Reading A Poem: “浣溪紗” by Nalan Xingde

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Mar 23, 2017 17:46
Reading A Poem: “浣溪紗” by Nalan Xingde
Today I read a beautiful poem.
Who would care I’m engulfed alone in chilly West Wind blowing?
My slim windows almost covered by the yellow dead leaves flying.
In deep thoughts of past events, I stand in the red Sun sinking;

I used to be drunk in Spring, from sound sleep you would not wake me;
We played literary games to vie for the first cup of tea.
I thought then these were just ordinary things as things could be!

“賭書潑茶” is an allusion to the story of Li Qingzhao, the famous writer and poet in Song Dynasty,. Li Qingzhao and her husband both love reading and collecting books. When they cook tea, they make a literary competition to decide the priority of drinking the first cup of tea. One ask the other literary quotation from which book’s which page’s which row. The one who gives the correct answer could drink first. However, the winner often laughs so happy to splash the cup of tea. Those are merely common delights of life for the couple. However the poet now can do nothing but only memorize them.
This poem seems a little sorrow, but I think that it also tells us that we have to treasure the present. Even for those we think very common things at the moment, perhaps will become unfadable memory in the future.
讀詩:浣溪紗 納蘭性德
誰念西風獨自涼, 蕭蕭黃葉閉疏窗, 沉思往事立殘陽。
被酒莫驚春睡重, 賭書消得潑茶香, 當時只道是尋常。