My First Cantonese Interview

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Nov 11, 2017 01:00
My First Cantonese Interview
Recently, I applied for overseas job. Today, I attended the interview. There were three questions in all. The applicants should answer in English, Cantonese and Mandarin separately. The English part is self-introduction. I could not speak Cantonese at all, and only had one week to prepare. I had no choice but writing down words I wanted to say and asked a Cantonese to speak slowly. Then, I listened to the recording and practiced hundreds of times every day. I thought that I could recite fluently, but I still couldn’t present well in the interview due to nervousness. The Cantonese exam officer asked a long question. Obviously I knew nothing about Cantonese except my lecture notes, but I didn’t know why I still could catch what he wanted to ask. The worse thing is to be relevant to his question, I could not just answer as my lecture note was. As a result, I was desperate to use all the Cantonese I knew and stuttering to answer. At the same time, I noticed the exam officer’s sympathetic look.
Though I did not satisfied with my performance, I exerted myself.
By the way, to cram for the interview, I hired a Cantonese tutor to teach me. It was bit expensive for me, but it was worthy. At least, I fall in love with Cantonese. It is a beautiful language. If it is possible, I want to learn more Cantonese.

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