Translation Practice: 12 Benefits of Drinking Water (1)

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Sep 6, 2016 15:07
Translation Practice: 12 Benefits of Drinking Water (1)
A survey shows that in the U.S. water ranks second which is after beverage without alcohol. It is shocking because everyone know that there is a risk of drinking sugared beverage, such as obesity, stroke and other heart disease. But we still cannot restrain ourselves from drinking them.
It is the same in Taiwan. Shops of handmade drinks and convenient sores are everywhere. It is reachable to have a cup of beverage anytime you want. However, do you know how our bodies need water? And what benefits water can bring to us?
There are 12 benefits you have never thought of drinking water. It let you know the importance of water. Then, now, just start to drink more water!


以下有 12 項你沒料到的喝水好處,讓你重新認識水的重要性,然後,現在,開始,沒事,就多喝水!

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