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Mar 22, 2017 16:13
In Taiwan, people have Siesta culture. According to traditional Chinese medicine, “yan qi” is most vivid in human bodies during 11:00 pm ~ 13:00am. People can take a nap during this time to adjust yinyan and get refreshed. It is beneficial for health involving decreasing blood pressure, protecting a heart, strengthening memory and improving immunity. However, there are few points which should be noticed when taking siesta.
First, don’t eat too much and greasy before your sleep.
Second, don’t take the nap too long.
Third, after awaking, you should do light movements. Sit for a while and then get up.
Since I feel sleepy every morning, it is important for me to take a short break in the noon.
一、 不能吃太飽、太油膩。
二、 午睡不宜過長
三、 醒來後要輕度的活動,坐一下再起身