Playing a Computer Game: The Legend of Sword and Fairy(1)

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Jan 12, 2017 18:19
Playing a Computer Game: The Legend of Sword and Fairy(1)
Recently, I am playing a computer game called The Legend of Sword and Fairy. It is a Chinese style computer game with nearly twenty years history. For part of Chinese and Taiwan people in my generation, this game is the important memory in our childhood. I have played since I was very young. At beginning, I just watched my brother playing the first serial. After that, there were many serials. My brother has not play it anymore, but I continue to play it. As a result, I have special affection to this game. Now I am playing the sixth serial which I bought two years ago. I have not play a computer game for a long time, and suddenly want to play it. So I started to play it again.
I think this game display the rich features of Chinese culture. Players can see the imaged world based on Chinese mythology and the aesthetics of Han Chinese culture. The backgrounds of the stories are all in ancient period of China. It displays that the people are fascinated with the culture in the past than pursuit the future world. Interestingly, although the stories seem happening in ancient world, some modern elements are integrated. For example, robots are called “機關人(artificial men)”. Even they can be stronger or advanced than the modern ones, they have to appear antique. Because the kind of games have distinctive cultural characteristics, it may be difficult for foreigners to understand and enjoy playing the games.
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