Writing a Thankful Postcard

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Dec 28, 2017 21:45
The foreign guest I hosted last month gave me a traditional clothes. It has been over one month since his visiting to Taiwan. I was surprised that he sent this to me from abroad. I was touched and felt appreciated. I wanted to write him a postcard which was made of a famous touristic spot in Taiwan.
Dear ○○○
It has been over month since your visiting to Taiwan, but this short trip still impresses me. Your passion and humor always brought us countless laughers. Thank you very much for giving me such a beautiful clothes. I will definitely treasure it.
I feel sorry that the schedule of your trip was so tight that you did not have time to see touristic spots in Taiwan. So I chose this Taiwanese postcard. If you plan to visit Taiwan, please let me know.
Sincerely Yours

 敬上