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Mar 18, 2019 08:34

1000 Memorable Diary Entries
Unbelievable! I’ve already written 1000 English diary entries. Though they are not all real written diary entries because I’ve started to practice English pronunciation and have posted my recordings here since last year. I feel very thankful that so many people are helping me learn English. I want to keep improving my skills and confidence in English. I hope one day I will be freely able communicate and exchange ideas with different people in English. I will continue working hard to realize my dream. And I must express my gratitude once again. Let’s enjoy learning languages together!

不可置信! 我已經寫了1000 篇英文日記了,儘管他們不全部都是用寫的,因為我從去年開始練習發音,並上傳了我的錄音檔案。我很感謝有那麼多人願意幫助我學習英文。我希望能繼續精進英文能力並提升對英文的自信心。希望有一天可以很自然地使用英文和他人溝通及交流。我會繼續努力來實現這個夢想。然後必須再次感謝大家。一起享受學語言的樂趣吧!
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