Enjoy Myself

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Dec 21, 2017 21:26
Enjoy Myself
I often think about strange things to enjoy myself. Sometimes, I found joy in my job which is not interesting all the time. For example, yesterday I was busy for an urgent case. Since I could not recognize some scrawled signatures, so I asked my friend “is this ○○○’s signature?” She baffled and replied “Who is ○○○.” The truth was I didn’t recognize any word correct.
After preparing the document, a colleague told me not only one department but also a few departments were preparing documents for the same thing I had already done. It was very unusual. Why did they complete to do it? Did they think they were participating a puzzle game? Since it was a serious job, I could not help but snickered when I imagined that situation.
In the afternoon, I came to find the accounting staff, and saw that she was typing a calculator so fast. I admired her skill very much and blurted out “a flash hand!”. I was pleased by my proper metaphor.