Last week when I went back to Taiwan, I gathered with some of my co...

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Nov 27, 2018 23:31
Last week when I went back to Taiwan, I gathered with some of my college friends. I heard that one of our college friends who just encountered her difficulty in the first half of this year behaved a little strange. I still remember that many people comforted and supported her when the disappointing thing happened. I knew that she must be very depressing but she looked stronger than we thought. The scene that we encouraged mutually, manifesting our close friendship is so unforgettable.
However, just a few months later, she seems detached from us. Since I am working abroad, I thought she might be very busy for her new life and might not have time contacting me. Until I participated the gathering last week, I heard that she took part in a spiritual growth lesson which was expensive and time consuming. She even actively persuaded others to spend money taking this lesson, and it was a part of graduating assignment. Some of my friends felt bothered being persuaded but didn’t know how to reject.
I was surprised. In my impression, she was such a gentle and empathetic person. I couldn’t imagine that she’s become aggressive without caring others’ feelings. Just half year passed, but so many things happened. I found that relationships are almost changing. Maybe we are changing too. Nothing is forever.
I couldn’t help but sigh.