The Onlooker Sees Clear

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Sep 28, 2016 19:19
The Onlooker Sees Clear
I have read last stage of Western Han. The emperors in this period were not as talented as the predecessors. Therefore, the dynasty was falling. For example, they did not accept good suggestions, and were lust, being fooled by his subordinated. As a reader who is on the spot being baffled, it is easy to think these emperors were stupid, but it is very difficult that he had to make cleaver decision from many suggestions while removing personal desire. Needless to say, the time and space are quite different compared to today’s. Sometimes, I think that if I was in their positions, I might do worse than them. The author (Bo Yang) said these emperors are not the worst, but third-rate emperors. In my opinion, one of their advantage of these emperors was that they did not give orders of nine familial exterminations so easily as their predecessors. The author (Bo Yang) thought that this penalty is the cruelest part in the Chinese culture, and has disappeared until modern period.