Conversation Practice: Pick up a Phone

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Jun 29, 2017 18:40
Conversation Practice: Pick up a Phone
The following conversation is what I often say at work. I say them in Mandarin, but I want to practice English version.
A: Hello, could I speak to Miss Chen?
B: She is away from desk. I will tell her to call you back when she comes back. Could you leave your phone number?
A: Yes, this is Huang. My phone number is 1234567. Please leave my message. I haven’t received her document which is supposed to be handed over yesterday. It is a very urgent. Please tell her to provide it to me as soon as possible.
B: I will tell her soon.
B:陳小姐現在暫時離開位置,等她回來,請她回電給您好嗎?請問電話多少呢? A:好,敝姓黃。我的電話號碼是1234567。請您幫我留言。我還沒收到她的資料,昨天是最後期限,因為是特急件,請她盡快交給我。