Practice on translating sentences.

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Feb 14, 2018 17:28

Happy Valentine’s Day! I continue to practice English in this special day.
1. He is a gentleman, furthermore he has great personality.
2. When I am free, I always lay on my bed lazily or chill out and do nothing meaningful.
3. This fiction’s background is fictitious.
4. There are more and more people playing the app game “Travel Frog”
5. I am waiting my frog back home in anxiety.
6. Because of this popular film, the similar clothes the main character wear are bestsellers.
7. Why did you trip a passerby? You are so childish.
8. Is this what you mean?
9. How do I use this expression? Could you make a sentence for me?
1. 他是很溫柔的人,甚至可以說是人品端正的人
2. 我假日的時候在床上滾來滾去,或是發呆,完全沒有做任何有意義的事情
3. 這個小說的時空背景是架空的
4. 玩旅行青蛙的人越來越多
5. 我焦急地等著我的小青蛙回家
6. 因為這部很紅的電影,和主角相似的衣服也因此熱賣
7. 為什麼要絆倒路人呢?真幼稚
8. 是這個意思嗎?
9. 要怎麼用這個說法?可以給我造個句子嗎