Typhoon holiday

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Jul 8, 2016 18:25
Typhoon holiday
Because of super typhoon Nepartak, we got one day off staying at home. I indulge myself sleeping late last night, watching BBC miniseries ’North & South’. It was a fascinating drama that let me see the social differences and conflicts at that period.
The implicit love between male and female protagonists is another part I am fond of this story. Compared with palpably passionate romance, reserved and implicit love is more appealing for me.
Living in the northern area of Taiwan, typhoon Nepartak is not horrible as it was expected because Central Mountain Range weakened the strength of the typhoon. Though the weather cannot be called nice, at least the wind is not terribly heavy.
So I decide to use this abrupt holiday to read my English novel. Embarrassingly, I have had not enough a patience to finish any English novels before. This time, I accept the challenge again. I find that my reading pace is so slow, and I cannot catch all meanings in the book, even if I look up a dictionary or read the sentences repeatedly. I felt a bit of frustrated. Even so, I hope I can carry on reading it.