Food in Moon Festival

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Oct 3, 2017 22:29
Food in Moon Festival
Food can present the feature of a festival. Mooncakes are one of the example. In Taiwan, we have different styles of mooncakes. Taiwanese style and Cantonese styles are the most popular.
The main difference is the pastry. The pastry of Cantonese style is thinner with richer paste. Some Taiwanese mooncakes are made of crispy pastry. The most common paste flavors are lotus seeds, sweet bean, jujube and five smashed nuts. Sweet paste with salted yolk is also a popular flavor. Chinese and Taiwanese people like the flavor of mixing salty and sweet. The salted yolk can ease the tiring of eating too much sweetness, so you may eat more mooncake unconsciously.
Being the fusion of Chinese and western essence of desserts, Ice cream mooncakes are the unforgettable flavor in my childhood. If you are not used to the traditional paste, just try them.
Don’t look down upon a small mooncake! They have very high calories. It’s better not to eat too much of them.
Have a cup of tea and have a bite of a mooncake when you are enjoying the beauty of moon. How a pleasant way to celebrate the festival!