Translation Practice 19: Company is the Best Caring

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Mar 20, 2017 16:50
Translation Practice 19: Company is the Best Caring
1. Welcome to express your caring, but don’t give medical suggestions.
2. To accompany is the most important thing to let the patient know that he or she is not alone.
3. Many people are afraid of accompanying cancer patient. In fact they feel powerless when seeing the patient’s suffering. Family can ask medical personnel for help and learn some nursing techniques.
4. Both the patient and the family should live the previous lifestyle. It is unnecessary to talk about the sickness all day. Don’t lose your rhythm because of the disease. Conversely, by cooperating to confront the disease, people’s mind will unite closer.
1. 歡迎親友表達關心,但千萬別針對醫療給建議
2. 有心陪伴才是最重要的,讓病人知道自己並不孤單
3. 許多人害怕陪伴罹癌的家人,其實是擔心自己對於病人的痛苦無能為力!建議家屬遇到問題可向醫護人員請教,學習簡易照護技巧
4. 不管病人或家屬,都要盡量維持以前的生活!不必整天都談病情,別因為疾病亂了手腳,反而是大家攜手對抗病魔,心靈關係更加緊密。