How do you say “不一定” in English.

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Jul 6, 2017 17:49
How do you say “不一定” in English.
In Chinese we use “不一定” quite a lot. How do you express the same meaning in English? The following sentences are my practices.
1. A:Do all the Taiwanese people love eating pineapple cakes?
B:It depends。
2. A:Did she quit her job because of getting married?
B:Not really. I heard that one reason is the promotion is unequal according to different genders.
3. I don’t necessarily practice English every day.
4. Money does not necessarily promise happiness.
5. People with good looking are necessarily kind.
6. A:台灣人都喜歡吃鳳梨酥嗎?
7. A:她因為結婚所以辭職嗎?
8. 我不一定每天練習日文。
9. 錢不一定等於幸福。
10. 漂亮的人不一定是好人。