Change myself ?

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Apr 11, 2019 23:28
A few days ago, I deeply reflected my shortcoming of personality and poor communication skills. I made decision to change myself.
I want to be calmer when facing obstacles and have more courage to be disliked.
These days, when I try to be more assertive and serious at work, others are more willing to listen to my words. But they seems to be a bit afraid of me. I am still trying to get used to my new role. I found that I often unconsciously please others by disguising myself, especially expressing my true opinions sand feelings.
Probably, frustrated experiences in the past gave me such idea that I would not be accepted by others when I be myself because I am a very strange person.
However, people would not respect or like you even you try hard to please them.
I think I need to practice more assertive and have more confidence. Even though, there are some people may not like me.
I want to be the kind of person always feel free no matter being alone or getting alone with others.

幾天前我深深反省了自己個性上的缺點,和我不及格的溝通技巧。我下定決心要改變自己。我想要變得遇到問題時能更冷靜以及擁有更多被討厭的勇氣。 這幾天,我發現自己練習在工作上更堅定,別人比較願意聽我的話,但也顯得有點懼怕我。我還在習慣自己的新角色。我發現我會下意識討好他人。可能是因為過去挫折的經驗讓我覺得當我做自己時,別人不會接受我,因為我覺得自己是很怪異的人。