Practice of Tense (1)

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Apr 16, 2017 22:59
Practice of Tense (1)
1. Yesterday she said that she would come to the school.
2. I met an interesting person yesterday. He told me a joke had happened on him two years ago,
3. I had finished today’s and tomorrow’s homework, so I can take a whole day rest today or think about what I will do tomorrow.
4. She had said that if she had gotten married in the future, she would give birth to two children.
5. I have told him that you have gone to the other place. It’s no need to find you anymore.
1. 她昨天說明天會來學校。
2. 我昨天碰到一個很有趣的人。他跟我說了一個他2年前發生的笑話。
3. 我昨天已經把今天和明天的功課做完了,所以今天可以好好休息,或是想想明天要做什麼。
4. 她曾經說如果未來結婚的話,想要生2個小孩。
5. 我已經告訴他,你已經去了別的地方,不用再找你了。
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